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Superpower your marketing campaigns

An intelligent campaign tool that extracts the best sales leads to your campaigns and provides your sales force with the right customers with real-time segmentation.

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2017-01-16: We’ve added SalesScreen to our integrations – visualize, gamify and boost performance for your sales teams!


Take Advantage Of Your Customer And Sales Data

Your B2B and B2C customer data and response history contain valueable information. What are the trends?

In which segments do you have customers today, and where’s the potential? In which geographical areas, age groups, and with what products do your sales reps succeed most? What time during the day or week is more efficient for your campaigns?

Through extensive logging, efficient data modeling and real-time analysis, Cube makes you smarter with every customer response.

Campaign Management For Telemarketing

Cube is a complete tool to increase your outbound sales:

  • Create smart, dynamically sorted call lists based on existing customers and leads
  • Run, manage and monitor telemarketing campaigns
  • Rich features such as built-in CRM, softphone, voice recording and individual performance reporting
  • Easy Excel import and export as well as API integration
  • Be better than the competition and increase your sales and ROI

Real-Time Segmentation And Optimization

Already a few hours into your next campaign, you will see significant trends.
Who performs better? Which geographical areas has the highest hit rate? Which segment is most likely to answer the phone at what time? What does your typical sale look like? Are there more customers like these in your database? Don’t wait until you’ve completed the entire campaign – segment and optimize in real-time, and see an increase in sales within a matter of hours.

API Integration

Connect to your existing CRM through our API service, and let Cube analyze, set up and run your campaigns.

Standalone CRM Included

If you don't have a CRM system, Cube includes a simple yet powerful CRM solution. Import data, create campaigns, view customer and response history, register and edit response and handle the whole sales process in a single page.


Let your managers and sales reps view real-time results by team and/or individual, on a leaderboard screen. You can even let your clients gain exclusive access to their own campaigns for that extra level of service. Time tracking and billable amounts per hour makes your decisions informed by the minute.

Insightful Reports

With Cube, you don't just see how your campaigns perform the way they do - you see why. Wow your CEO and collaborators with some actual factual knowledge and make the right calls!

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Most popular
  • Premium Plan
  • kr399,-per monthly user
    • Unlimited campaigns
    • Import + API integration
    • Real-time analysis and segmentation
    • Report for reps, managers and clients
    • Monthly billing

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  • Time Tracking
  • Add kr150,-per monthly user
    • Automatic production time tracking for sales reps
    • Performance monitoring on individual, campaign and team level
    • Revenue per hour reporting
    • Full time tracking and reporting ability through Harvest


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  • Click to Call Soft Phone
  • Add kr700,-per monthly user
    • Different outgoing phone numbers per campaign
    • Call recording and monitoring
    • Call center features with inbound calls and queueing


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