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Why your CRM might be killing your sales

For Norsk versjon klikk her. Most CRMs are made to handle the whole customer relationship. This includes marketing towards new and existing customers, handling sales and leads follow-up, order production, shipping, billing, and customer support. It’s no surprise that...

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7000 clicks ’till the weekend

One of our clients and I have been discussing how we can help increase productivity further. With Cube, sales agents and managers are now less dependent on combined spreadsheets and have all the relevant information for reporting in one place. The necessary...

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Starstruck @ ExploreDDD in Denver

A couple of weeks ago, me and my former colleague Anita Kvamme, gave a presentation at the ExploreDDD conference in Denver. I must admit there was quite a few butterflies upfront, rising from questions in my head like “will there be anyone interested in listening to...

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The right customer

The customer is always right. Right? But who is the right customer - and is anyone left? As mentioned in a previous post, one of the key elements in everything we do is to make sure the customer is heard - that his or her feedback is taken into consideration for...

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The Headshed team

For Norsk versjon klikk her.   Magnus Hoem Slørdal - CEO - is our leader, our supervisor, and our guiding star in Headshed. Magnus remembers well the day in 2001 when he started working with sales calls, and is just as passionate now as back then about making...

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