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First we take… eh… a place in the US…. then we take Berlin!!

30. okt, 2017



I’ve been out in the big world again, allowed to share my passion about Domain-Driven Design and Behaviour Driven Development in Software, by giving the same presentation with Anita Kvamme, as we did at ExploreDDD in Denver a month ago (You can read about it in my last post here). Oh, by the way, the presentation is out there on the Internet now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShMUiCWQYIQ

pic2 This time, it was at the KanDDDinsky conference in Berlin. Same type of conference as in Denver, some of the same people, still – quite different.

Trying not to be too biased here… but I must admit that it seems to take just a little bit longer to get close to the German people than it did to the people in the states. So… the “family-loving-togetherness”-feeling we immediately felt in Denver, wasn’t really the first thing that hit us in Berlin.

Also, having done this presentation once already, I guess I allowed myself to be more relaxed about all of it, meaning less anxious upfront, less rehearsals, less of the spinning-around-like-a-giggling-school-girl kind of behavior.

A good thing about this, was that I could focus more on the other presentations at the conference. So, for instance when Alberto Brandolini encouraged us to become more Bruce Lee-style developers, I could really imagine myself being exactly that. You know, having the attitude of: “Oh yeah, so you want another feature in our system? Just bring it to me!”









Well, the similarities might not be striking… but still 

But, again, it was really when we got to do our own presentation, rather late in the afternoon, that -BANG – all the adrenaline, the energy and fun was back for real. And maybe that was all I needed to see the Germans with new eyes too. Suddenly we were surrounded by nice and warm people wanting to talk and ask questions and discuss all kinds of things. And I remembered why conferences like these are so energizing: It is because of these people, the conversations and discussions, all the thoughts shared.

I’d like to thank Headshed for allowing me to share and learn at conferences like this. It makes our team a lot stronger I think, because all the good thoughts from all the people we meet out there in the world, will become a part of our team too. The last day of the conference, I got to attend a couple of workshops exploring ways for us as developers better understand you, our users. Learning how to really listen to your stories on how you work with and around the system we create, what you want from it and in which ways our system best can support YOUR needs.

You want another feature in Headshed Cube? Just bring it to us!