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Intelligent Sales Systems

Headshed Cube is a full-featured tool for sales, telemarketing and call centers. Integrated softphone and messaging, real time segmentation, performance monitoring and real time analysis – Headshed Cube makes you smarter with every customer response.


The ideal call centre solution

Turn history into know-how, and maximize your sales profits.

Through extensive logging, expert data modeling and effortless response handling, Headshed Cube is data driven sales management.


Intelligent algorithms make sure your next customer always is the right customer. Call lists are sorted to automatically improve your results.


Easy campaign managing! Optimize and segment in real time, make crucial adjustments on the fly.

A complete sales vehicle

  • Built-in CRM
    • easy to use, logical work flow
  •  Integrated softphone and messaging
    • no installation needed!
  • Live time tracking
    • budget control, estimate revenue
  • Campaign management
    • small adjustments, big differences
  • Performance monitoring
    • who are your teams standouts?
  • Easy Excel import and export
    • response and customer reports
  • Open integration
    • SalesScreen, Slack, Harvest and more
  • Call recording
    • Optional, turn on with the click of a button

Real-Time Segmentation And Optimization

Already a few hours into your next campaign, you will see significant trends.
Who performs better? Which geographical areas has the highest hit rate? Which segment is most likely to answer the phone at what time? What does your typical sale look like? Are there more customers like these in your database?

Don’t wait until you’ve completed the entire campaign – segment and optimize in real-time, and see an increase in sales within a matter of hours.

API Integration

Connect to your existing CRM through our API service, and let Headshed Cube analyze, set up and run your campaigns. Turn history into know-how!

Standalone CRM Included

If you don't have a CRM system, Headshed Cube is a simple and powerful CRM solution. Import data, create campaigns, view history, register and edit responses and handle the whole sales process in a single page.


Let your managers and sales reps view real-time results by team and/or individual, on a leaderboard screen. Time tracking and billable amounts per hour makes your decisions informed by the minute.

Insightful Reports

With Cube, you don't just see how your campaigns perform the way they do - you see why. Wow your CEO and collaborators with some actual factual knowledge and make the right calls!

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