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Why your CRM might be killing your sales

6. nov, 2017

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Most CRMs are made to handle the whole customer relationship. This includes marketing towards new and existing customers, handling sales and leads follow-up, order production, shipping, billing, and customer support. It’s no surprise that these systems often are massive, with loads of functionality for any and all stages of the customer relationship.


As a consequence of this, most tools that handle the customer relationship is built as a CRM first, and then start to look at how to increase their clients’ sales. Here at Headshed we think differently, as our product Headshed Cube is a sales tool first, and CRM second.

We built Cube with the premise that in order to optimize efficient sales processes we needed to think differently about how sales can and should be done. Sales should be about finding the customers interested in what you have to offer today. You want to find them, and they want to find you and your product.

However, it’s often hard to know who will end up buying before you contact them. Most sales tools therefore focus on how you can contact as many potential customers as possible. The so-called shotgun approach, in the hope of having some of the calls hit the right targets.

Trying to get everyone to buy your product is like hosting a rock-concert in the middle of the highway. Very expensive and will most likely to cause more pain than good. The people that are interested would also prefer that you do this differently. But what if there was a sales tool that works more like an experienced sniper, where you utilize your experience to select and track down the right targets.

At Headshed we believe that contacting customers that are not interested is a waste of your and their time. Therefore, we focus on building sales tools that monitor and learn from the sales representatives’ own experience with prospects. We strive to help our clients find the right customers for their products, which gives our clients a higher hitrate on their sales calls – to the benefit of both the client and the customers.

We also believe in efficient sales processes, and Cube is configured based on what is the optimal sales process towards contacting these customers. This varies from client to client, but in order to become relevant for the end customers, we believe you have to utilize your own knowledge about these customers in a good way.

With Headshed Cube you can make sure the customer is heard. You can log what message was communicated towards the customers and use real time response data to analyze what message gets the best hitrate. Help your sales team optimize your message!

Headshed Cube is not only about sales. If you don’t have a CRM system, Cube includes a simple and powerful CRM solution. Import data, create campaigns, view history, register and edit responses and handle the whole sales process in a single page.

You can also connect your existing CRM through our API service, and let Headshed Cube analyze, set up and run your campaigns. Turn history into know-how, with Headshed Cube!